Filimonas Andrikopoulos
Life Coach – Mentor – Trainer
Μέλος του HCMMA
(Hellenic Counseling Coaching Mentoring Association)

How can we offer a progressive and positive learning environment for our children?

Children experience reality through their eyes. Therefore, children show excitement, anxiety, shyness, anger, anxiety, nerves, tension, fear and other useful or not so useful behaviours.
What can we do, to make sure that we will help children learn with joy and creativity? Let’s apply the WOOP method to this query.

Step One. Observe the children.
By nature they are happy! In addition,our goal is to maintain this while at the same time we want to teach them.

Step two. Evaluate the benefits.
Take time and remember: What effect does a happy activity have on their lives? On their face? Your approval, running, playing with the ball? What makes them burst out laughing? Maybe, something that for an adult seems like nothing, for them it becomes their world. Record these benefits and prioritize them according to the impact per child.

Step three. What makes them happy or stressed?
To push them to be serious. Assign them responsibilities beyond their capabilities. The pressure to deliver results in a specific given time. To get into moulds. To do what the adults do. Some children don’t want to grow up, because they observe us and our behaviour. For their, under development value system, growing up means less games, less joy, less freedom for action.

Step four. Action.
Create learning conditions adapted to the world of children. Conditions that enhance creativity, imagination and enjoyment.
Play and learn. Paint and discover. Sing and feel. Tell stories and let your imagination guide you. Laugh and live.