Enkiddo Language lab- Nouns and Prepositions

Hello everyone, those that have a good English level already know how important is to comprehend Grammar rules. For our beginners, they need to learn how important is to comprehend Grammar rules because, if they don’t, well let’s just say that they won’t be understandable.

In our last post, we learned how prepositional verbs act as links between verbs, nouns, and gerunds. Also, we learned something very important that there are no rules or methods to distinguish which prepositions partner which verbs and the only way to learn them is by memorizing some and practicing them in your conversations.

In this post, prepositional nouns are very important when writing a letter or using the right preposition after and before nouns and verbs.

First lets quickly review the definition of a noun. A simple definition: Noun is a word that identifies a person, place, thing, or name. For example:

-Person: Man, Women, Teacher, John

-Place: Countryside, Home, Greece, Town

-Thing: Love, Chair, Apple, Dog, Money

How can we identify nouns in a sentence? One way to overcome this obstacle is by recognizing the word endings. For example:

-ity Nationality – ationImitation

-mentDevelopment – hoodPriesthood


Examples of Nouns and prepositions.

Nouns prepositionsExamples
Addiction toHis addiction to drinking alcohol.
Advantage ofHe has the advantage of learning language quick.
Anxiety aboutHer anxiety about speaking in public caused her panic attack.
Belief inHis belief in not harming animals was something he learned from his mother.
Credit forShe took credit for improving the filing system.

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