Learning English Online

Hi guys, my name is Jim. I’m the founder of Enkiddo Company. I just wanted to mention how I started this Company and why.

I was raised in a multilingual family. But as a child, I had to learn 3 different languages. But the bad news is I didn’t take advantage of this skill in life.

In the past 15 years, I was able to work on different jobs but I never felt complete. None of these jobs was expressing me. So one day a friend of mine said to me: “Hey you’re native why won’t you start your own teaching online company and start teaching kids?”.

Then the idea strikes me. I started to get my diploma, then I applied for an online teaching position. When I gained experience working online I started planning my next move. I began creating this website because finally, I could convey my knowledge to students to help them understand that, learning English online is effective.

What to expect from this blog: We will aim to write content about our teaching methods and answer any questions you might have.

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