Learning a new language takes more than just memorizing new words. It requires learning a new way of thinking, new thought patterns, fun interactive lessons and teachers who care.

Teachers who care

Our native teachers have all been instructed and trained in the specific methods that are most effective with children in a virtual classroom. We use Student talk time (STT), which means the student talks more and the teacher talks less. Children and teenagers will have all the attention needed to achieve their goals and have a bright future.

Students who practice with a mother tongue teacher learn not only a more correct pronunciation but , more authentic use of words. Your child will have the opportunity to hear the language in its natural context and not in a strictly academic context as traditional schools or methods. Your child will learn to distinguish new sounds and will be corrected in time, before his mistakes become habits. Our methods are specific, centered and implemented in a fun and easy way with the aim of keeping children active and curious.

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think”.

Albert Einstein

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